Classic Burlesque (1).png


A classic fan dance with a historic twist! Persé starts as a classic 18th century suffragette, trying to get the audience's attention with classic slogans. When that doesn't work, she tries something a little more eye-catching. 


Historically, suffragettes didn't like burlesque dancers, so this act has a little fun with history. A nod to the fact that there is no wrong way to be a feminist, clothed or unclothed!



This act is based on the Ancient Greek play, Medea, by Euripides. Medea has helped Jason and the Argonauts secure the Golden Fleece and become his bride. Before too long, however, Jason leaves Medea (and their two newborn children) for a younger Princess. Medea…doesn’t take it terribly well and kills their two children as vengeance.


This jaw dropping act is set to ‘Shake Senora’ by Harry Belefonte and includes baby head maracas. 



This beautifully backlit burlesque routine is sure to leave you mystified. The act features a gorgeous silk cape and a mix of fun shadows and silhouettes. Want to know the villain behind the mask? Stick around and you may see it all.


Act was created for a fear themed show called "Anxietease" produced by Honey Tangerine and Remy Dee. Anyone suffering with anxiety knows the struggle of explaining your irrational fear. Sometimes it's better to show it. Perse Fanny takes you on a journey through her personal anxiety.  

Original sound design by Clare Marie Gauthier