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New York burlesque performer, Perse Fanny,  is posing on a pink couch in a blue Catherine D'Lish robe. She is talking on a pink phone.


Radiating New Orleans charm and New York City energy, Persé Fanny is a burlesque gem, mastering the arts of classic, neo, and whimsically nerdy performances. Since her electrifying debut as Luigi in 'Boobs and Goombas' in 2012, she has been transforming stages into realms of elegance and playful eccentricity. 


This naughty little flirt has a habit of falling in love with any person that bats her an eye; her heart changes beat like the seasons as she flits about in search of her next prisoner of love. Luckily for you, the longest season in Hades is hot as hell.

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New York, NY

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