Nerdy Burlesque (1).png


Perse's most widely toured act! This act is an homage to the show that got her started in burlesque, Boobs and Goombas: a Super Mario burlesque. Luigi has always lived in the shadow of his big brother, but now it's his time to shine. Watch as Luigi discovers what makes him feel like a shining star!


This is a balloon act inspired by Stephen King’s IT, a horror novel/mini series/movie about a monster which feeds off of fear (and children). The act starts off as Georgie, an early victim of Pennywise, wearing his iconic yellow raincoat. The routine quickly reveals a hidden Pennywise underneath, surrounded by red balloons. 

Jack Skellington


Jack  Skellington transforms from The Pumpkin King to Sandy Claws. Created for the long running The Nightmare Before Christmas burlesque show written and produced by Remy Dee. With her long legs and slender frame, Perse makes the perfect bone daddy.

Lt. Commander Data

Take a trip to the Starfleet Enterprise and join Persé Fanny on the holodeck as she discovers the wonders of a positronic brain. This comedic burlesque routine is sure to get you giggling out of your seat.